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  • 2/14/12

I like that Tiger is committing to tournaments he hasn't played before (or for some time)......it's great tune up for things ahead, and may even evoke a little peek at where his confidence level it.....

Can't wait......Lot's of Tiger in the weeks ahead......yahoo!!!!

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  • 2/14/12
Wish I could be there too!  A little far from here.  I'm hoping he'll play in the local (Orlando) area this year!
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  • 2/14/12
Would love to!  Haven't been south of Orlando, yet!!  But I'll actually be in California visiting my daughter & her best guy :-)
  • 2/14/12




Thanks Tiger for providing TTF's an opportunity to watch you play early on the PGA Tour three consecutive weeks.     You have given everyone enough notice to rearrange their schedules to maximize the chance of watching you play in Marana, Palm Beach Gardens and Doral.      Go Tiger Go in 2012 & Beyond   


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  • 2/14/12
This is the true test if he dosnt win one them might be a long year!
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