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  • 3/21/12
I'm guess there is a good chance of it;

"Bacterial Pneumonia Causes

Bacterial pneumonia, as the name implies, results from a bacterial infection in the lungs. Along with bacteria, pneumonia may also be caused by viral agents, fungus and other organisms.

People come into contact with bacteria capable of causing pneumonia all the time, either by touching items contaminated with bacteria or breathing in infected air droplets spread by people with bacterial pneumonia. For most, the lungs' natural defenses neutralize bacterial threats.

Bacterial pneumonia often develops in people with weakened the immune systems, such as those who have just had the flu or continue to suffer from another disease. If the immune system is weakened considerably, bacterial pneumonia can occur after a minor ailment such as the common cold.

While many different types of bacteria can cause bacterial pneumonia, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common culprit of these infections. Other types of bacteria that may develop into bacterial pneumonia include:"

But, not being a doctor

  • 3/21/12




           I think of TB and pneumonia as poor people's diseases.   I appreciate you taking the time to educate me.  

  • 3/21/12