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  • 3/17/12
Where did I say that I think Haney is a great guy? Unlike you, apparently, I just don't think Haney's goal was to do a hatchet job on Tiger. You can believe what you want to believe. Bye.
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  • 3/17/12

I am a huge Tiger fan but I agree with your assessment.  However it is disturbing that HH would publish Tiger's comments on other pro olfers because he still has to play with them and against them  For instance, Ian Poulter is on Tiger's Albany team in the Tavisock cup coming up this monday.


And I think that it must be noted by ALL tiger fans that this was HH intrepetation PRIOR to the scandal.  Afterwards, I think Tiger is much changed inside.  And I don't think he is letting his fame get to his head like he did before. 

  • 3/17/12
Stonewall, how ironic that you, of all people, should tell someone else to get a life. Ironic, indeed.
I'm well aware that Jaime Diaz, a well-respected writer, "helped" Haney put the book together. I dare say that Diaz would not have done so if he didn't feel comfortable with the subject matter and its intent. As usual, though, you don't address the real issues. If there are actual non-truths in this book, why hasn't Tiger's legal team sprung into action?
  • 3/17/12
Thanks, granny. I understand your concerns and they're certainly valid. I'm sure Tiger is a changed person after the scandal. Going through something like that, with all of the related media scrutiny, would pretty much change any of us.
  • 3/17/12

Overheard Hank Haney crying while I was hiding in the bushes at Tigers:

WAH! WAH! WAH!!! I am going to go tell my mommy that Tiger won't give me a popsicle.

Next Excerpt: WAH! WAH! WAH!!!! Tiger won't give me the time of day!

What goes around Mr. Hiney comes around!!!!!!!!

  • 3/17/12
Again, it is always your choice what you post...... and I respect that.  I will never buy the book or read the book.  We can agree to disagree as to whether excerpts belong on the forum.  It is just a matter of personal opinion and you are indeed entitled to yours!
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  • 3/17/12
  • Ms_M
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I am one of those folk who does not watch a tournament unless TW is playing and no matter where he is in the standings, am only interested in watching him play. 

That said, I think Haney is trying to paint the picture (in an awkward non-writer way) of TW not being the type to go out of his way to make others in his presence feel comfortable.  Which I don't think should come as a surprise to anyone on this board.  TW has never been known as a sweety pie and his true fans don't expect him to be.  I'm realistic to know that TW would probably not let someone like me, African American woman, into his inner circle, as I've never seen him casually with that type woman.  Not dating or in photos with friends, etc.  I find this unusal for a black man, so I cannot say that I think TW is totally put together tight. 

Haney's comments about TW's and Elin's conversations gives me a bit of insight, because, I've always thought Elin left too quickly and thought she may  have been ready to leave and just took "the" incident as an opportunity to do so. 

I don't think we have to get up in arms over anything Haney or anyone else that works with TW says about him.  He's not the type to invoke loyalty among many that know him and that's his issue.  We can still love him for the golfer he is and enjoy his game.

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  • 3/17/12

well said Mrs M.   And all of this was PRE SCANDAL.  I think Tiger has changed despite Feinstein's instance that he hasn't.  I think that what happens noTiw is because Tiger wants it not anyone else.


And as to Elin, I maintained all along that she and Tiger were both unhappy.  Straying takes place when someone involved wants to create a way out

  • 3/17/12
PATHETIC. So very true!
  • 3/17/12
lol !!!

hi Bill and Frenchie


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  • 3/17/12
I agree with almost everything you said. Tiger was not and is not a warm and fuzzy person and he probably is hard to get along with but, that should come as no surprise. Most great men and women are complex and difficult. FDR was complex as was MLK.
I believe Tiger got so much so soon that he didn't have time to figure out what was best for him. He got used to listening to other people and some of them did not always have HIS best interests in mind instead the were driven by finances. I think Tiger got too much bad advice from people around him and still gets bad advice. I don't think Tiger really has anyone to lean on besides his mother because people who could have helped him were turned away or he did not listen to them. As much as some people in the media wanted to blame Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley for Tiger's problems I read an article from a decade ago where Charles says they told Tiger not to get married and Tiger's former agent says he believes Tiger's decision was driven by money.

I don't believe Elin rushed out of the marriage. I believe she wanted to stay but the media made it difficult. When the bloggers and talking heads on tv are making comments like she is nothing but a high paid prostitute if she stays it makes it tough to stay in those circumstances. That's not to say I believe they were happy, clearly neither of them were happy but, I think she knew he was screwing around. It seems to me like they had an arrangement or an understanding to carry out the image in public but, they had their own lives privately. I remember when Tiger dated Joanna Jagoda years ago. In all the years Tiger dated and was married to Elin he never looked as comfortable around her as he did when he was with Joanna.

While I think Hank is a bi-otch for betraying Tiger's trust by writing this book. Hopefully there can be some redemption in it for Tiger. For one I hope it sparks a public dialogue about the difference in how the media treats Tiger vs. how they treat other golfers. Regardless of what Tiger's has done in the past I still believe the media has grossly unfair to him.

  • 3/17/12
what r my puns.  :-)

i think i know.   Oops.

i need names and not just the collective group.


i have the names in another room.

will get them and post them.

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  • 3/17/12
here they are.  Frenchie's girls are her tennis students:


Christina McHale

Sloane Stephens

Madison Keyes


and the three of them have really neat "tennis star"  names.

may the rule the roost of women's tennis.


  • 3/17/12

@ the time Tiger wed, i just did not believe that he, as an individual,

was ready for marriage.   i don't think it would have mattered who

he married.