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  • 2/23/12

All of us who are true Tiger fans on this message board are all still standing right here supporting you Tiger!

  • 2/23/12
  • 2/23/12

lol @  bums!!!!!

thanks for the laugh.  

lol !!!
and don't sweat it, buddy


Tiger will get it done.

and when he does, it will hurt these  "bums"
more than the golfers he beats.   lol !!!  
bums!!  priceless.

in the meantime.  here is the way i look at it.
dealing with the trolls is a fantastic lesson in
learning how to believe when one feels
challenged.  because no matter what happens,
you know in your own heart that you did not
give up.

and they talk about what he did in the past as
compared to now.  lol!!!  they don't have a clue
about the history of how Tiger becomes the
dominating golfer that he will be again.

but i know they history.  so.  what i see happening
does not surprise me.   i have seen it all before.
it will all be over in due time. 

chin up, buddy.

and as i am talking to you, i am looking at
Frank Nobilo's tie.    really nice!!

plus.  Tiger is really sick.  i heard him
coughing on the tee box and it sounded
awful.  not too long ago i was really sick and
i had to take bed rest.  for real.  

so.  he goes home.  takes care of the cold.
and comes back, and gets these awful trolls
off our backs.   :-)

we shall see.  ;-)


  • 2/23/12
I take it we're just going to have a.... ''He's great'' vs ''He's terrible'' contest for the next week, then?
  • 2/23/12
lol !!


i took you off ignore.


if you don't mind.

if you really want a response from me.

can you paraphrase your question.

i don't understand.

  • 2/23/12

It wasnt really a question.

I was just remarking that it gets tedious to see the back and forth with both extremes in regards to Tigers game.

One side, they act like everything is ok and will never make critique of him ( even though anyone can be critiqued if they are being fair about it ).
On the other side, you get folks who appear to take joy in seeing Tiger struggle and go over the top with their negative views.

Can we find a place in the middle where rational analysis can occur? We're all adults here after all.

  • 2/23/12
A good rest up -- some more practice with the putting -- can't wait to watch him play again!!! 
  • 2/23/12

Depends on how you look at things.......is the glass half empty or half full!!

In his post round interview, Tiger validated what we all saw......he hit the ball well today, but didn't make any putts.  He knows why and will go home to Jupiter and work on it.  It's expected with his swing changes......first focus is on the driver and woods.....then comes the irons.....and the putter will finish the process.

Don't give up on Tiger.  When you subtract all the time he was out last year healing and the turmoil he's had to overcome in putting his life back together, it really has not been that long.  When you look at 2011 and compare 2012 I am confident you will see great strides.




  • 2/23/12

i see what u  r  saying.

go back and read yesterday's  thread from round one.

that is exactly what the true fans were doing.

the trolls were just being trolls.

sure.   everybody was critiquing Tiger.

but we were not throwing him under the bus.
  • 2/23/12
I second that!! Thanks for being our voice of reason!!!
  • 2/23/12

The issue I have with that though is that his putting right now is far worse than it was when he was changing his swing before. In theory, what you said makes sense but when you look back over the years..he has been able tom rely on his putter even when the tee to green game has been awful.

For me, I genuinely feel that putting is mental at this level of the game. The mechanics when it comes to making a 5 footer are pretty much set for all of these guys on tour...but mental issues can hurt them and do.

  • 2/23/12

A lot of people who are called trolls arent throwing him under the bus either....some are ofcourse but those dudes are obvious.

Tigerfan23, for example, is a little intense. But he comes back tournament after tournament to talk about Tiger...IMO, that proves that he is a fan of his.

  • 2/23/12

i will make this short because i have to go.

but look at it from this perspective.

someone you know.   a friend of yours.

whenever you please them, they say nice things.


if you displease them.

they go off on you.      every   time.

be honest.

for real.

what would you do?

please be honest.

  • 2/23/12
True.....not just with the putter but other clubs too.  I notice Tiger being more indicisive on the tee box and even in the fairway than before........but let's give him the benefit of the doubt and try to be patient as he continues to fine tune his game.   
  • 2/23/12
honestly, johnny.

someone goes off on you everytime you displease them.

and you don't know what you would do about it?

  • 2/23/12

I agree. I mean he made it further then last year. Further then the "world number one". He hit great shots and did make some putts. People forget that Tiger did lose this tournament before. All the trolls will go back into hiding soon.


  • 2/23/12

the trolls truly have no purpose in life.

they only come to make trouble.
the more trouble the merrier. 
makes no sense at all.

and some of them are actually women
who feel rejected by Tiger.

who knows why?

lol !!!

some of these women imagine that
if they can chase certain people off
the Tiger board then they will have
a chance with him.

very sad and pitiful.

lol !!!

  • 2/23/12
LOL! That's privacy the case. Why they would feel rejected I dont know. Maybe that's even the guys problem. Their wives wish they were with Tiger instead. Lol.
  • 2/23/12


they are sad lonely people.

both the guys and the gals.

and i doubt they would

benefit from reading

How To Win Friends and Influence People.

pretty sad when you think about it.


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  • 2/23/12




So, match play 2012 in the desert of Arizona is over after only the second round for Tiger.    That's the way it is on Thursday Feb. 23rd.    Tiger has left the building.  :)     I am not sad or disappointed because match play is what it is.     Tiger had chances today right down to the 18th.   We can all speculate about what would have happened if only Tiger had made his last short putt at the 18th.  I am staying positive and I know at least Tiger did not loose by a truly embarrassing score of say 9 & 8 like he defeated Stephen Ames years ago.

The song goes "dust yourself off and start all over again".    Onward to the Honda Classic.

                                                     Go Tiger Go

                                                     So, you will not hold the Walter Hagen Cup Sunday.

                                                     I do not see the problem.    Why?

                                                     Because, come Sunday, I won't be holding the Cup either.       lol