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    • Is anyone else exhausted after the past few years
  • 3/26/12
  • kuki
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  • 3/26/12
I fell asleep real quickly after the tournament ended. It really was exhausting and I'm sure Tiger felt even more tired than we did, combined.
  • 3/26/12
I felt like a limp dishrag when it was over and done!!!!  But I watched the last 3 holes on the replay again later on --- since I already knew the outcome it was easier!!!!!  Only Tiger can make golf that exciting!
  • 3/26/12
Lighten up. There are people being blown up in Asia, Middle East, etc.  This is golf.
  • 3/28/12

Take it easy TB we all need escapism and the like's of Tiger give's us

We on here know were you are coming from and are thoughts and hope's are with the guys who are going though sad situations but we all need some passion in are lives so I suggest to you friend just chill out and let us have are time

Bring on the Masters Top Three will do for me :-)

  • 3/28/12
WOW....I feel the same way...I love the fact that I can sit back for atleast two weeks and know that the Tiger Haters have their foot in their mouth...I'm sure they hate the taste...of a big fat W
  • 3/28/12

lol @ For the first time I am glad TW isn't playing this weekend. I don't know if I could handle it..


  • 3/28/12
I understand that.  My point wasnt that you shouldnt get some fun and escapism from watching Tiger.  I was just saying that Im not sure we should get so emotionally involved that we are exhausted.  Exhausted doesnt sound like fun to me.  I enjoy Tiger, and frankly, if he doesnt win, I still enjoy Tiger.  I know he will win on occasion, but even at his best, he wins s25% of the time.  So I enjoy him for him.He has a charisma the other excellent golfers just dont have.
  • 3/28/12

We're not usually exhausted after Tiger has a tournament --- it was just this one!!!!! And how important it was to him!!!!  And we all wanted him to win so badly!!!