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  • 2/13/12




Yes, Tiger shot 75 yesterday & landed T-15 only  :)   9 shots behind Phil.      And------?       There was not a single reason for me to feel sad or depressed afterwards, so I didn't. 

Watching great athletes over the years I have become aware of their limitations.     Last month, Serena Williams, Nadal and Federer all three great tennis players failed to win the single title at the Australian Open.    Yesterday, Tiger failed to win that lovely Waterford Crystal trophy at Pebble Beach.    But, each one of these four great athletes understand the fickle nature of sports and indeed life.

So, my fellow TTF as the song goes " dust yourself off and start all over again".       lol     

Monday arrived for Tiger and I know he will show up in Arizona for Match Play ready to play for the "W".       :)


  • 2/13/12

most of us, if not all us, didn't start following tiger because he merely finishes in the top 20 in golf tournaments. we started following him because he is a winner. take away his 70+ wins and none of us would be here.

for us to say that the media created this 'must-win' mentality is false. tiger created it himself, by first saying it, and then doing it. it was tiger, not the media, who said that he enters every tournament with an expectation of winning. and now it's ok that he's merely getting better, getting close? tiger's not some recent nationwide tour grad, he's arguably the best player in the world of all time. its ok for us to put at least as much pressure on tiger as he puts on himself. it won't kill him.

  • 2/13/12

thank you.

yes.  Tiger

is getting

closer and

pretty soon

he will get

the results

he is after.


  • 2/13/12

yeah.   it is what it is.

and each time he tees

it up, he is going for the

W.   he doesn't always

get it, but there's nothing

wrong with that.

he still tries.

and the results are what

they are.

then we move on to the next tourney.............  and beyond.

lol !!

thanks, buddy.


  • 2/13/12

thank you for posting the link to Tiger's interview yesterday.

i appreciated and enjoyed it.   :-)

and yes.  Tiger started it all i guess.  :-)

but i'm talking about and i think 2005 is saying that right now,

every time he does not win, there are some types in the media,

but certainly not all, who "let him have it" so to speak. 

and i guess that is the part that i don't want to get caught up


yeah.  it's great that he wants to win every time he tees it up,

as his goal.  but if he doesn't get it each time, then it's ok.

at least  he tried to accomplish what was in his heart.

but there are some types who just get so mean about it. 

those ...............  @#$%^&*(@#$%^&%

lol !!!


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  • 2/13/12
How nice to read that Underpar and how true is the comment that Tiger never won all the games he played not even at his very best. I was so disappointed with Sunday after him playing so well the first 3 days. I am not a golfer but watched the tournaments when Tiger played over the years and I always feel, rightly or wrongly, that over the 4 days lots of golfers have one bad day and it was unfortunate that Tigers had to be Sunday. Was truly amazed at how often he missed the puts. Phil's name was on that trophy as everything went his way a bit like Darren Clarke at the Open last year. When Phil won his first major the Masters in 2004 Tiger finished tied 22nd . I wonder did all the media make such a big fuss then. We know he had many wins ahead of him then and he will have again!!
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  • 2/13/12


you are correct in saying

that Tiger has never won all of

his tournaments and we will have

to be patient.

he will get there in due time.

and though we get disappointed

sometimes, we overcome it and

move forward.  i think that is what

you meant and i agree.

yeah.  all golfers have at the least,

one bad day, and more often than

not, more than one bad day.

  • 2/13/12


Thank you for your kind words....

I have followed Tiger for many years as a dedicated fan.  He has said in past interviews that the last two years have affected him (divorce, injuries, etc.,) but he states he is at a better place.  The better place that I believe he is referring to is, emotionally.  The game of golf for Tiger was truly not 100% a priority, until he started feeling healthy....we fans could see that....

I am not a psychologist but I can tell you this....it takes years and years and years to change the way humans think--I will use myself as an example...I have a low self-esteem for many reasons ( I have tried education, fitness, etc.) to correct the way I think and it hasn't help.  For whatever reason it is in me....

Now Tiger is 36 years old....since he was 3 he was groomed both mentally and physically...30 years under the watchful eye of his father who shaped a champion in ways we can't understand...

Losing a tournament, even a major on a Sunday, hasn't changed nor will change Tiger 3.0 (that is 30 years groomed by an extrodinary man as Earl Woods)  Earl was educated and knew how to make Tiger a champion...

Tiger probably reflects often on the words his father use to say to him....Matter of fact he just spoke of Earl during Tuesday's press conference referring to the notes that he has recorded.

He is destined to break all records...The champion hasn't left nor will leave even though we watch every move and every putt he makes or misses ready to judge.

Have a blessed day


  • 2/13/12
Well said Twit
  • 2/13/12

you are welcome.

and again.

thank you for your words of wisdom.

we all needed to hear it, and i hope

Tiger gets a chance to read it too.


  • 2/13/12

Can't agree with your post more!  Tiger has exceptional talent.  Talent never gets "lost".  It may take a hiatus now and then, but the talent Tiger has with those golf clubs and that darn white ball is extraordinary.  His course management is surely better than most! 

I've just read an article in Golf Magazine by Johnny Miller.  The interview gives you insight into who Johnny Miller really is.  He's a Hall of Famer, won 25 times on tour with 4 majors.  He takes the same agressiveness utilized in his golf career to the broadcast tower. He can be harsh, can irrate players and fans alike, but I find him more credible than ramblin chamblin.  (Miller had a very successful career; Chamblee was just a wanna be.) 

I know many here have often wanted to tar and feather Johnny.  If you can get your hands on the March issue.....it is a good read!!  Just love his prediction that Tiger will win 40 more tournaments in his career; 3-4 in 2012; 4 more majors.  In other words he'll have a Mickelson career in his future :-))  However, he doesn't believe Tiger will pass Jack....merely tie him......



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  • 2/14/12

I loved both posts from SN2000 and this one of yours also.  Like you say, talent such as Tiger has for his sport never disappears, we just have to be patient until it reappears and it will!  You can all take that to the bank!  I also have read Johnny Miller's article in Golf Magazine and I like his predictions for Tiger's future, except for one, I would like Tiger to beat Jack's record but if he ties it and wins 30-40 more times,  that would be a record that any professional golfer could be proud of.  I have always liked Miller, as you say, he can be harsh but I believe he is basically an honest and fair observer. 

I understand the passion of those  fans who want Tiger to win everything in sight but perhaps it is unrealistic of us to expect  him to return to the heights of the past.  I do not play golf and would not think of telling Tiger what he should or should not do, he knows better than anyone what it takes to win, but remember those who do offer  advice are as anxious as any of us to see Tiger do well.   Everyone receives unsolicited advice, it is part of human nature to offer it and is done with the best of intentions.  Who among us does not think he/she could run things better given the chance?!!!

It was very disappointing to watch the tournament on Sunday, made worse for me by having to listen to Jim Nanz who could hardly contain his glee as the round progressed.  Phil Mickleson deserved the win, he had an extremy good day, as all golfers do from time to time, but in my mind he did not follow etiquette on the 18th hole.  Usually the winner let his partner play through, so that he is left alone on the stage to finish off and receive thre accolades of the crowd.  If Mickleson had done that Tiger would never have missed that birdie put IMHO.

Cheer up TTF's better days are ahead.  Go Tiger.  


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  • 2/14/12

 YEP, to all my TTF's BUDDIES, here come the real warm up for the MASTERS!!! Better days are coming , SO cheer up buddies, put on your cheering gear , game face on and DO NOT lets the belligerent trolls get you down , WE ARE BETTER THEN THEM!!!

WE know MAJORS are what matter most to TIGER ,  getting past Jack's record is his goal ! YOU CAN DO TIGER!!

 WE are you fans for life!!! NO TROLLS IWILL BE BIG ENOUGH TO DETER US!!!!


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  • 2/14/12

you know it buddy!!!

Tiger is amped up and ready to go!!

and fun for us .............  getting to
watch him play three tourneys.


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  • 2/14/12

u might be right.  but personally, i won't take that away from Phil.  it actually looked to me

that Phil has actually practiced, etc.   not to mention that he has been working with a sports

psychologist, etc.

now ..........  i  don't wanna sing Phil's  praises too loudly, because Tigs is my fave. 

but here is one thing i DO know. 

Phil beat Tiger. 

and that is exactly    the way Tiger sees it.  and when Tiger turns the tables, and beats

Phil or any other player; he will look at it that way.  

Regarding golf,  Tiger sees it as "beat" or "get beaten."  

and this past Sunday, Phil beat him. 

i don't see it as bad.  it's  just Tiger's mindset regarding competition  .........  i guess.

and yes.  i fully expect Tiger to accomplish his goals ........   whatever they are.  and i

am looking forward to it.  but i don't have to put Phil down in order for Tiger to win.  

and neither did Tiger  put Phil down.   Tiger was in fact, complimentary to Phil ...... i have heard.

and yes,    i   do  B-E-L-I-E-V-E!!!


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  • 2/14/12
Hit upt......don't forget the stat that Tiger has only won 30% of the tourneys he has been in.  That's phenominal so yes, he knows what he is doing.  Sean has brought him from tee to green and one can't concentrate on all.....in other words, giving up concentration and focus on one part to master another.  Although, as he has had many coaches before, an objective set of eyes to stand by the sidelines wouldn't hurt, thus my suggestion that he see Stockton.  We all know Tiger could be the teacher in ALL things golf, more than likely even teach Foley or Stockton a few things BUT Tiger is open to coaches and an extra set of eyes would never hurt.