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  • 1/25/12
Von,   :-)

gurl,   lol !!!

love it!!  just love it!!

you outdone yourself!!!


as long as my television
has picture and sound!!!



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  • 2/7/12


For:   2012  AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am       February 9-12, 2012


              Today is the 38th day of the year.

               And, yes,  I am back with another cheer.       :)

               This week Tiger is playing his first  2012 PGA Tour  tournament  at  Pebble Beach.

               Club Tiger, he's playing for No. 72 to reach.

               Sam & Charlie will be watching their father happily on tv.

               So, Tiger's behavior should be the best for all to see.       :)

               Hopefully, Pebble Beach in 2012 will end with Tiger getting the Win.

               If not,  there is always the next PGA Tour event to play within.

                                                      GO  TIGER  GO

                       ONWARD TO VICTORY @  PEBBLE BEACH  & BEYOND






  • 2/7/12
Awwwwwwwww, Von

you just keep gettin' better and better.

love it all.  and especially the Sam and Charlie reference.


  • 2/7/12




Thanks  as always, UPT.     :)

 I had the chance to watch Tiger's presser LIVE today on golf channel.    As he mentioned his children during it, I thought okay create a new cheer and somehow include a reference to Sam and Charlie too.   

Too bad, no one has a picture of Tiger coloring on the floor  etc. with Sam & Charlie and at the conclusion struggling to get up.    :)



  • 2/7/12

that would really be cute. 

would love to see him

coloring with the kids on

the floor .


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  • 2/13/12




                                            "Good-Bye to Pebble Beach"


The PGA Tour in 2012 has finished with Pebble Beach.

 And, the Waterford Trophy Tiger Woods did not reach.

 If one has a score of 75 on a Sunday.

 Do not expect to go home with the first place Benjamins on a Monday.

 Tiger has said----- "life moves forward."

 Which means, Tiger Woods is now focus on the Match Play in Arizona as the tour moves onward.

                GO TIGER GO







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  • 2/15/12

i love it that Tiger tries for a victory every time he tees it up.

what an awesome goal to have.  he doesn't get a "W" every time,

but i just love that goal.

i really think it is the kind of goal that we all should consider

whenever we undertake anything that we do.   we should

always give it our best!!!

onward and upward to victory and beyond ..............................

GO TIGER................. IN ARIZONA!!!

FOR THE WIN!!!!!   and BEYOND................................


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  • 2/15/12




I simply enjoy watching Tiger play golf.    Personally, win or lose, I shall watch him!   

 And, to know that there will be three consecutive weeks forthcoming to see him go after a 2012 Win, is great news.    

The very nature of sports mens  that the individual athlete is going to Lose more often than Win.    Phil won for the 40th time on the PGA Tour Sunday which means he has only 31 more wins to get for a tie with Tiger's current number.      Does anyone really think Phil Mickelson will do it?        lol




  • 2/15/12
Von,   :-)

my sentiments exactly.   win or lose, i love watching Tiger play golf.

and will continue to watch him play.   :-)

and yes.  they lose more than they win.   it is what it is.

and those three tournaments on his schedule?.........  a thing of beauty.

lol !!!!



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  • 3/5/12



   Ref:  2012 Honda Classic @ PGA National with the Bear Trap         March 1-4, 2012

      (Good afternoon UPT)


                 At  the Honda Classic on Sunday,  the weather played its Part.

                Thanks Mother Nature for being so Smart.

                Thus, allowing for tv coverge to be Live.

                For TTF's enjoyed watching Tiger Woods with a 62 end up in the top Five.

                                   Go Tiger Go

                                    It is Time for Another Sunday "Duel @ Doral"

                                    Like With Phil @ the 2005 Ford Championship.




  • 3/5/12
  • 3/5/12

You know it!!!

i was so glad to hear we would be able to see it live.

and wow, did he ever deliver!!!

and he will also be playing in Arnie's event at

Bay Hill too. 

more Tiger golf  this week and then again in

three weeks.  

GO TIGER GO is right. 


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  • 3/9/12




Ref: WGC-Cadillac Championship  @ Doral Golf Resort & Spa  (TPC Blue Monster Course)


                                                    A Fan's Woe

      I have Comcast Cable.

      On 3/8 and 3/9 it was not stable.     :(

      So, I missed Tiger Woods' Live 1st and 2nd Rounds at Doral.

      But, Comcast's failure will not destroy my morale.     :)

      For, I can come to Club Tiger Land to get Tiger's score.

      And, read fan comments as Tiger plays the golf course like Thor.

                           GO TIGER GO

                           ONWARD TO VICTORY IN 2012 & BEYOND!!


  • 3/9/12
Awwwwwwwwww, Von.  :-(

i am heart broken too, buddy.

i surely hope they get things

fixed very soon.

but your prose is very awesome.


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  • 3/11/12


                                                     Tiger @ Doral 2012


                    On Sunday, Tiger Woods sustained a leg injury.

                    Consequently, he could not finish the 4th round.

                    So, Tiger had to withdraw from the WGC-Cadillac Championship.

                    Calling all TTF's,  do not Panic.

                    As an athlete, Tiger Woods has pushed his body.

                    And now, angry, his body is pushing back.       lol


                                    GET   WELL  TIGER  WOODS


                                        WHEN  YOU CAN.          :)






  • 3/11/12

in your words, Von:


COMEBACK  WHEN  YOU CAN.          :)


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  • 3/25/12




  Ref:   2012  Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard


TIGER   WOODS:      

 congratulations on your 72nd Win

            on the PGA Tour


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  • 3/25/12




Ref: 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational @ the Bay Hill Golf Club and Lodge  

                                          March 22-25, 2012


                                              Tiger Woods:  A Salute To


                 There was a professional golfer named Tiger Woods.

                 Who failed to win after 2009 as he should.

                 But he came back in 2012 healthy, wealthy and fine.

                 To beat every professional golfer at Bay Hill on the back nine.

                  Which led to PGA Tour Win No. 72 as only he could.



         GO TIGER GO


         FOR GREEN JACKET No.  5





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  • 3/26/12
Von,  :-)

this is a beauty!!