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  • 12/31/11




Well, thank you and welcome to Club Tiger.     I don't know if Tiger has read any of my rhymes but it has been a blast creating them!!

   Also,          HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, daddybear.

  • 12/31/11




     Don't forget to check out my Happy 36th Birthday Cheer to Tiger @ thread no. 17193.1 too.

                                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR, wvskybird

  • 12/31/11
I took your advice and watched the Tiger-rama of the various tournaments on TGC. I do have a question though---how does the housework get done if you are watching Tiger Tournaments? lol Not much work around the house got done yesterday. Today well......eventually. lol
All those promo spots for the 2012 Kickoff ---I can only imagine just how much work went into producing them. Research, writing, editing of the film, etc. The production team at TGC deserve recognition and appreciation.
  • 12/31/11
You betcha!
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  • 12/31/11
11,700 and counting...
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  • 1/1/12

i missed the birthday cheer you wrote for Tiger
on his birthday; but i read it today and i love it


you said it is good old fashioned fun for you to

create cheers for Tiger and it is good old

fashioned fun for us to read them.    :-)



  • 1/1/12

January 1, 2012  


   It is day one in the new year of 2012.

   This cheer is for gokat.

   I have not seen any messages from you of late.

   But, I know you are still out there and will appear again at another date.

   Meanwhile, I hope you have ........    A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!





  • 1/1/12

I second that, HAPPY NEW YEAR, GOKAT!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  • 1/1/12
Happy new year pal and to all out there!!..
  • 1/1/12
Hey Peadar , how ya doing??? It's playoff time, here comes Super Bowl!
  • 1/1/12
Hey Gamm,good here,you??Good win for Ravens which means we're number 2 seed.
See you in Indy!!!:)))
  • 1/1/12
I'm doing well ,thanks!! See ya in Indy,may the best team take the W!! And did you see GB game today??? great one too wasn't it?  GB back up QB "Flynn" had a wonderful game!
  • 1/1/12




The same right back at you peadar ....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Your Baltimore Ravens just keep winning.   Will the 2012 Super Bowl be on tv in Ireland?     The game will be played in Indianapolis on Feb. 5th.        

Why are the Ravens your favorite NFL team?   

  • 1/3/12
To Von and Gamm,sorry about the delay getting back to ya...I heard about Flynn having a good game,watch out Rodgers!!:)))...Yes the Super Bowl will be on in Ireland,will be watching...Started watching NFL properly 3/4 years ago and my bro had been watching it a little while longer and he was an Eagles fan..The weekend I started following the Ravens beat his Eagles 48-24 I think so I just decided from there..We finally play again next season so cant wait:)))...Head over to the picks section for this week,PGA Tour is back!!!!!!!!!....
  • 1/3/12
Hi Peadar, guess what? the guys on morning drive ( Gary and Eric) also both picked the Ravens and Packers to go to Super Bowl, watch out Ravens, Rodgers and the gangs will be well rested !!!!!
  • 1/3/12

I get to see clips of Morning Drive from the GolfChannel website...Seem like 2 smart guys:)))..

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  • 1/9/12




   Today is the ninth day of the year.

   Club Tiger did you all hear.

   Tiger's 1st  2012  PGA Tour moment is @ Pebble Beach.

   So, in February everyone knows where Club Tiger can be reached

                            GO TIGER  GO

                            ONWARD TO VICTORY

                            @ THE 2012  AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament


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  • 1/9/12
Go Von,

and yes i heard!!!


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  • 1/25/12



Ref:  2012 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship

                                                               " It's Prime Time with Tiger Woods"

        Today is the 25th day of the year.

         Club Tiger did you hear.

         Finally, the golf channel got it right.

         For Tiger Woods will be playing @ Abu Dhabi,UAE in prime time tonight.

         So calling all TTF's to go and grab your seat.

         For we all know where to meet.

         What will Tiger's score be for his first 2012 round?

         I really don't care as long as my television has picture and sound!!!        lol

                                 Go Tiger Go!!!

                                 Onward to Victory in the city of Abu Dhabi.


  • 1/25/12
Von,   :-)

gurl,   lol !!!

love it!!  just love it!!

you outdone yourself!!!


as long as my television
has picture and sound!!!