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Discussion: Washers > LG Washer Smell
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In case you don't know I will tell you why it helps. The dissolved calcium is what makes the clothes stiff. The vinegar (acetic acid) helps dissolve and displace the calcium. Hence softer laundry naturally
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Ok. Owner - Bosch Nexxt Essence Model WFMC 2100UC Washer and Dryer set.

Ultimately, I guess I'll chalk it up to new product design flaws as we purchased ours early in their coming on the market. There are always pains that go with that.

My complaints: The door gasket drain holes do not extend to the bottom of the trough in the gasket, allowing an amount of water to stand. Now that was just dumb.

I have hit the mold stains on the gasket with straight bleach, with no impressive result, so, what kind of mold is this?!!!! It laughs at chlorox!!! My complaint, and perhaps I missed a company response, as this problem became known why didn't I get some kind of notice and even a new gasket???

As far as detergent and amounts, drainage and build up; well, these things are basic to the function of a clothes washing machine. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ISSUES. No two households are going to use the same detergents, in the same amounts, and at the same frequency. If the machines can't handle that, they should not be on the market.

Leaving the door open to air dry the interior poses to many safety concerns. In fact, these front load doors should be lockable even when the machine is not in use. Some day, some where, someone's small child is going to wind up trapped in one. Talk about liability. Our youngest is 9 yrs. We worry about him still, and to a lesser degree our pets. The laundry room door has a lock on it, and we use it.

As far as the cleaning chemicals recommended. If I'm buying additional products to clean the machine, then I have to question the "efficiency" of the machine. Additionally, if the intended products for the machines are leaving residue and buildup, is it possible that these "cleaning products", WHICH ARE NOT INTENDED FOR WASHERS will do the same? Perhaps contaminating our clothing?


Oh well, my thoughts on some of the topics and suggestions offered here. I don't have any miracle cures to share. We do find days to leave the door open, but only when we are here. The lockabe door helps with that, but then thats another $15.00 to the total cost of ownership. I also do a hot wash with bleach. But honestly, none of these are effective for more than a day or two so, the manufacturers do have some work to do.


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I am also having this same problem. I have to leave my door open all the time. Even then the smell doesn't go away. I have had mine for about a 1 1/2 years now. I went to where I bought it and they gave me some tablets to put through a cleaning cylce every now and then. It still smells so that doesn't work. I am also having a problem with dirt collecting somewhere and at least once a month it decides it is going to go all over my clothes that I am washing. I am so frustrated by this whole mess. I would not recommend this product to anyone.


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Of all the people that have this problem, how many had this issue with the 'old fashioned' top loader?  

Perhaps not the right place but seems 'cold and small load' used to do the same thing without such problems.

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Our top loaders used to smell horrid. We have never had an issue with the front loaders..........................go figure.
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My top loader has been fkawless.  It is in the basement (kind of humid), the lid is closed all the time, and we have NEVER had any smells coming from it.  It is a Kitchenaid and I don't have to watch how much detergent or fabric softener I use.  My elderly parents have had a top loader for about 25 years (the drive belt had to be replaced once) and again NEVER any smells.  I think I'm staying away from teh front loading machines until they figure out this smell problem.
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How about color TV waiting for that to be perfected :-) Seriously the HUGE majority of folks who buy a quality machine and use it right NEVER (like myself) have an issue.
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I have had a LG washer and dryer for about five years.  Performs beautifully and never a service call ... except for vibration on wood floor.  I reinforced the crawl space to make it stronger, still shakes some. 

My laundry started smelling moldy after about a year.  After reading all over the Internet four years ago, here's what was causing mine:  When you wash clothes, you get a little bit of lint buildup around the large rubber gasket for the door and the also the drain holes.  What happens when you have sealed in dampness and lint, which is great food for the mold, in this enclosed space?  Mildew, of course.  Does it matter what brand?  Don't know, but doubt it.  Maybe some model flushes it out every wash or something, but I doubt it.
My machine blocks the pathway through the laundry room if the door is left open, so I got some Krud Kutter from the big box hardware store, put some in a bucket with hot water, got an old toothbrush and some old wash cloths and cleaned and soaked and cleaned all the nooks and crannies of the gasket.  Then I followed up with my wife's turkey baster, the kind with the rubber bulb and the plastic body, and flushed and flushed until all the drain holes were cleaned out. 
At night we leave the door open and all is well.  Then I got one of those rubber wedge doorstops and cut most of the thick part off, leaving a small wedge to keep the door open about an inch during the day.  I open the door slightly and put the wedge in the crack between the hinges, and the door closes almost all the way but stays cracked open.  Every three months or so I clean it. 
I'm going to try the white vinegar treatment soon.
Good luck to all.
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Back to one question.  I've read through most of this post, and keep seeing John recommending Whirlout to clean the washer, he said it did a better job than Affresh in a training seminar.

My question is, did Affresh show any effective cleaning of residual buildup in the test machine at the seminar?  My Bosch machine is about 5 years old, haven't had much of a mold problem (did have a slight problem at first before knowing to wipe out the rubber gasket and keep the door open, but  have no mold problems since).  I always had used liquid HE until recently I switched to HE powder after reading that powder *may* help with buildup in the machine/

I'm thinking about trying Affresh, for no particular reason except that my machine is 5 years old and think there must be some buildup of something.  I've never had to have the machine serviced.

I rarely use liquid fabric softener or bleach (both bottles are over a year old).   Occasionally use vinegar on towels.  I don't run cold cycles, mostly"warm" (95 F), and two or three loads a week on hot (125 F) or temp boost (150F).


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Here's another easy way to prevent  a moldy smell:  Leave the washer door open after removing your wash from an HE front loader so the drum has a chance to dry out between uses.  I have done this with my LG since I first purchased it over 3 years ago and have not had a problem.

Does anyone know if there is a laundry detergent formulated specifically for cold water washing in a HE washer?  The latest CR report cites a good cold water detergent for traditional washers, but doesn't specify one for high efficiency washers.  I've been using Gain HE and there is no mention on the label regarding water temperature or claims that it cleans well in cold water.  Maybe cold water washing is not an option because of the lower amount of water used?
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Washers use the same amount of water, regardless of temperature. Most liquid he detergents will work fine in colder water, as long as it's not below 60 degrees or so.

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My LG washer has been stinking since day one. I use the right detergent, the right amount and rinse it with just bleach and other remedies and two days later it stinks again. I am constantly washing the washing machine before I wash my clothes. The repair man said this is very common with LG washers because some of the previous washes dirty water sits in a holding basin at the bottom of the washer. Bad design for this type of washer. This is my first front loader and my last. Been dealing with this problem for nearly 5 years now. The washer was so expensive in the first place thought I was getting a great product but wish I never bought this one. I have always washed my whites twice and they still never get clean like my old top loaders got them. The bearings are going out now, the spin cycle sounds like the house is coming down and of coarse the 5 year warranty is up. Best Buy won't renew my warranty on my machine, I wonder why?  Have had the pump replaced twice, the washer has leaked twice and had to have parts replaced because of that. this washer has been just a problem especially with the stinky smell. Can't wait for it to croak so I can justify a new top loader.
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I have the same exact problem with a Samsung front loader.  We have tried a lot of things also, but the smell comes back pretty quickly.  I never know from one wash to the other if my clothes are going to stink or not.  It is horrible!!  I wish there had been some kind of warning or heads up on the CR website.  I did all my homework and picked out a front loader.  Big mistake.  We are going to junk our machine and buy uprights.  I wonder what that does for the environment--getting rid of a year old machine?
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Now THERE is a smart thing to do. If you had truly done your research I don't think you'd have the issue. There are definite cause and effect(s) that cause and also eliminate the issue. Look for old posts here from John Shipowski. You will find them useful and accurate.
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I believe that if you have had 3 warranty service calls in one year it is a certifiable "lemon" and can be returned as such.  We have a similar problem and either do a load of laundry every day or add a scoop of oxy-clean to each load of laundry.  The smell is gone.
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I have seen mold build up within 1 LG front load washer but to be honest that machine was poorly maintained. 

Things to watch out for:
1.  Buildup of debris in bottom of door seal/rubber ring.  The drain holes frequently get plugged with lint/etc. which will leave standing, dirty water in the ring.  It won't take long for a bad smell to occur from that water.  Use Q-tips, pipe cleaner or sturdy wire tie to clean out the holes.

2.  Mold buildup in the detergent dispenser drawer, especially around the fabric softener portion.  It's very important to pull that drawer out once a week and verify no mold is building up in any of the passages.  If it is, use chlorine bleach solution or bathroom chlorine mold remover to clean it.

3.  Detergent residue after a number of wash cycles.  Use the machine's tub clean cycle  (LG's are actually quite thorough) with bleach or Tide washer cleaner.  Be sure to check items 1 and 2 above before doing the cleaning!

4. Leaving the machine with its door closed - big NO NO!  There is water within the machine's sump, and closing its door generates a humidity chamber that's perfect for mold/mildew growth.

BTW,  4 steps above have kept my 1 year old GE front loader free of mold and bad smells!
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My Whirlpool Duet is a Mildew/Mold nighmare. I replaced the mold infested bellow and saw that the drum is covered in mold also.  This thing is going out by the curb.

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I have a Maytag front loader (a lemon if there was one!) that i have tried to hold on to due to the high price I've paid for the washer/dryer combo.  I had the "smelly washer" problem that Karen described.  However, after periodic major cleanings and preventive measures, as described in all these posts, I've been able to keep the problem under control.  I do highly recommend Amway Bioquest (powder) detergent.  I buy a 50 lb container and split it with a friend.  The typical load uses barely one small scoop, so the box of detergent goes a long way.  I do not sell or profit in any way from the sale of this product.  Several years ago, a friend introduced me to it...and I am so glad to have discovered it.  In fact, I pack it for my son to use at college, as do many of my friends....good luck!
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