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Discussion: Washers > Whirlpool Calypso.... should I stay or ?
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Joel ...

Perhaps that $225 would be "not missed" in your grand scheme of things?   ...if so, it really doesn't matter how long it would last or do so w/o costly service calls.

Yes, either of the (2) Roper T.L.s would be fine choices, especially-since these are among the very few left on the market wherein the Home Owner can select what he / she wants for liquid levels, use ordinary detergent, etc..

Here's our Moderator's recent 'thoughts' =

everett - - - [link for the larger tub of the two models] =
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So then the next level in this issue if I decide to keep it and never repair it... Will it do a good job... That question seems to be wishy washy.. Some posts I have read complain about it damaging clothes ? other thought it smelled ? and others just did not think it did a good job. Last night I was convinced it had to go back... after the only response to my post it left me thinking... well just use it and see how it goes. ??
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just got off the phone with Whirlpool... Yes this unit would have been part of the lawsuit but that was 3 years ago.. All she could do was offer some advise on using the machine  like taking care not to put things like rugs that could lose parts and clog the pump. She said if it did need repair she could get parts cheaper  ??
So with that now I am clear it's not worth a penny... how about free.. I told the seller everything. She had no idea about the problems because she never used it. But in a subtle way I said I might be willing to keep it for free if she does not even want it back. So my concern.. is it even worth it for free, knowing if ANYTHING goes wrong it's off to the scrap heap... What do you think. or just load it back into the van and then go off to Lowes and spend $350 on a Roper
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Hi . . .

Perhaps a 'compromise' might suffice?

Assuming that you DO finally get that machine for free, literally, {or, a $1 to make it legal}, don't forget to buy special detergent, use that very sparingly, only wash tiny loads, rinse out that washer periodically completely empty & with strong bleach added, wipe out the interior, etc., etc..   

Quite a pain, seem to me, as well as costly for that added hot water consumption / massive use of unique detergent because of only mini-loads, time spent keeping all washed, etc.?    ...everett

p.s - - - with the existing "track record" of questionable all-new Regulations being forced upon all of US, there may well become a time in our near-future where that Roper will not be available w/ the existing, manual water levels + other features?
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