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  • 3/2/12
randall mell is beside himself on golf channel.  Tiger made the cut.  LOLOL
  • 3/2/12
i am so proud of Tiger.

he has the "it" factor!!!

i like mell, from what i have seen of him.

Tiger seems to like him and he seems to

be an "all business" type of guy.

  • 3/2/12
  • 3/2/12
wait.   who is randall mell.

i'm thinking about the guy who interviews Tiger on the internet.

the guy with the dark, wavy hair.

he interviewed Tiger about the "FUSE" product.

don't know who randall mell is.

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  • 3/2/12
Randal Mell of the golf channel

  • 3/2/12

thanks for your help, buddy.

he looks kind of familiar, but
doesn't really ring a bell.

don't know what show he is on.


  • 3/2/12
I think he is on Golf Central, but not sure.
  • 3/2/12
i will definitely pay more attention now.

thanks again, Sr.

hey.  how about that Tiger!!

he is something else.

  • 3/2/12
he is a senior writer for the golf channel and is quiet critical of tiger
  • 3/2/12
thanks for the info on mell, 03.

so.  was he happy or sad that

Tiger made the cut?

  • 3/2/12
Being critical of Tiger helps him keep his job.
  • 3/2/12
maybe he was in shock that Tiger made the cut since he is critical of him.

but most of these folks don't know anything about Tiger anyway.

just goes to show.
  • 3/2/12
Tiger had a much better day today. Didn't to see any of the tourney yet, air time is still 1 1/2 hrs down the road.

Happy he didn't MC. May start wearing a red shirt tomorrow and not wait for Sunday. ;-)
  • 3/2/12
yeah.   i think we all are in a "red shirt" mood here in Club Tiger.

lol !!!

of course you know we did not see any of it either.   we followed

the entire tourney here on Club Tiger, using shot tracker and Tiger's

score card here in the Club and of course, the very professional

commentary of Pistol Pete who hails from the emerald Isle of Ireland.


  • 3/2/12
So did Tiger score par-par-birdie at the beartrap today, or par-birdie-par?  I'm confused since I think he teed off off 10.  Enlighten me here.  What about the cut, and where or when will he start tomorrow?  I know we have to wait for the others to finish, but any clues?  I won't be able to watch today.   Thanks!!
  • 3/2/12
par birdie par
  • 3/2/12

he was :

hole 15  -  par

hole 16  -  birdie

hole 17  -  par

he struggled for a while and left too many shots out there, but

he fought back with a  birdie/ birdie on his last two holes which

were 8 and 9, because he started on the back nine today.

so proud of him.

he is getting so close now.   and love that fight that is in him, too.

i hope his -1 will allow him to make the cut.   right now the best score

is -8 but Gillis finished for the day.  don't know what Davis Love and

McILroy will do.   Mac starts @ -4  and Davis Love starts @ -6.

keeping my fingers crossed.

  • 3/2/12
I was thinking your end of the country didn't see him today.

I think his round was over before my alarm went off.

Morning Drive has been somewhat critical of Tiger yesterday and today, more than normal,

even though Erik Kuselias said Tiger would win 3 times world wide this year.

He gets critical sometimes but seems to be a big Tiger fan.

  • 3/2/12

got up very early today.   lol !!!

and there were a few of us in

here to begin the morning, but

more got here later.

it was lots of fun though.  

and i am just so glad that Tiger

got those two birdies at the last.

Kuselias does seem to be a big

Tiger fan.   Gary is a big Rory fan.

but no matter what anyone thinks,

Tiger is coming back to form.

we are just getting a look at the stuff

in between, and it is ugly.  lol !!!

every time i've seen it, it is ugly.

but the end result is always


GO TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!
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