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  • 5/5/12

That is private!!!

What I'm stating to you without starting an agrument is that someone's sex life is private... Someone selling their house is not!

As for it being on every Tv station that was prying!

This is my opinion only!!!

  • 5/5/12
He had 2 homes in California, the house he built his mother and his family house in Cypress which actually belonged to his dad. They've probably been sold by now.

Elin got the Orlando house in the divorce settlement.
  • 5/5/12
Why are you arguing with a Tiger stalking troll?
  • 5/5/12

I guess no one has figured out that I just have to say something sometimes!!! LOL

  • 5/5/12
I think its great Missy. We can all voice our opinion. :)
 No one is right no one is wrong
  • 5/5/12
And, once again, they can't print anything about Tiger Woods without mentioning "the scandal".