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  • 4/27/12

Well Beat, I'm not surprised re sources about Tiger.  That is why I posted to oc about bashing Bill's accurate stats of Tiger's career.  So, I will have to read the Enquirer article to verify this alleged atrocity that Tiger has done now.  oc tends to respond to anything that slams Elin or Sweden so I am making an assumption that the article had something to do with that.  If you have a link could you post it? 

We even have a more recent episode with our government in the Valerie Plame exposure that involved Richard Armitage as the first to leak her name directed by none other that Rumsfeld and Cheney only to have Scooter take the fall, Rove and Novak were the coordinators to get this story out.  According to Colin Powell, the 16 words were practiced but Bush wanted them removed so he was prepared both with and without those sixteen words and went with it when he addressed the UN but had been told by George Tenet that they had been removed.  Thus the diversion to expose Valerie Plame and the set up of Scooter. 

Interestingly enough for me, at the time that 9/11 occurred, I was a counter-t3rrorism specialist.......if people only knew!

Colin Powell was the real scapegoat - how unfortunate!  That's why he left AND he did leave while George Tenet got the honor of our country upon his retirement. 

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  • 4/27/12
Yeah Bill, the tip off is always a story about a woman giving birth that is half extra-terrestrial and half human as I stand in the check out line at the market.  Never bought one, never will.......NE got lucky or someone close.........well, you get it!
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  • 4/28/12
lLuv ya, 18, but I have to take issue
with the tabbie story. It is different.
The Pentagon papers story and the
Washington Post are a whole different
can of worms than a story concocted
from a can of worms by AM these days.
AM is a conglomerate producing a lot
of weekly hype media.

Bill, I was being sarcastic when I compared the NE to Bill Bradley's Washington Post.
I said there was no merit to this story and that the NE more than likely made it up on their own. I read the tabloids and online blogs and the NE is the only gossip rag that is still reporting on Tiger and his saga. The only time the other tabloids or gossip sites mention Tiger is when he photographed out somewhere or  or when he won Bay Hill and Chevron. Radar Online and a few other sites posted the excerpts from Hank's book otherwise none of the other sites are still squeezing the life out of this like the NE.

  • 4/28/12
Hi, 18,
the Kobe story had a NAMED
girl in its story. Not a can of
worms, but a witness willing
to take the stand. That is why
you read about money exchanging
hands away from the story.

DENVER (AP) - The woman accusing Kobe Bryant of assault reached a money settlement with the owners of The Globe and other tabloids that printed her picture and stories about her hotel encounter with the NBA star, Bryant's attorneys said Thursday. The tabloid publisher American Media Inc. agreed to pay the woman an undisclosed sum, according to court documents filed by the defense in the woman's civil lawsuit against Bryant. Bryant's lawyers, who did not disclose how they found out about the alleged settlement, said the woman's attorneys should have notified them. L. Lin Wood, an attorney representing the woman, did not immediately return after-hours phone messages Thursday. Calls to American Media Inc., based in Boca Raton, Fla., went unanswered Thursday evening. The woman sued Bryant in August, three weeks before prosecutors dropped their criminal case against him. The suit seeks unspecified money damages from Bryant for alleged emotional injuries the woman has suffered since their encounter at an upscale hotel near Vail in June 2003. The Los Angeles Lakers player said the sex was consensual. Information about the alleged settlement with American Media came in a court filing supporting Bryant's claim that media organizations, including The Associated Press, and other outside sources were at least partly responsible for the woman's alleged injuries. The woman has denied the claim, saying Bryant is trying to shift responsibility away from himself. The Globe printed the woman's full name on its cover at least once and front-page photos of a woman it claimed was Bryant's accuser at least three times. The National Enquirer, another tabloid published by American Media, also used pictures of the woman but blocked out her face. Bryant's attorneys have scheduled a deposition with American Media representatives Feb. 16, the filing said. It is the policy of The Associated Press not to name alleged sexual assault victims. The woman, who has been identified in court documents, has asked that her name not be used. Associated Press

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  • 4/29/12

You know it Bill...........I B-E-L-I-E-V-E!!!!!!!


  • 4/29/12
Are any of these tabloids owned by Rupert Murdock or is AM owned by him?? Just curious and figured you would know the answer. Thanks!
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  • 4/29/12
Seems like a fitting surname for someone who publishes totally rubbish!