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  • 4/7/12

I will never believe Tiger is done, but so did I ever  think Jordon was done.  If the greatness that Tiger was is done so be it.  Never did I see Jordon try to reach greatness, but greatness try to reatch Jordon.  Tiger is caught  and the competion has passed him.

Tiger will be 37 the next time we see him on the grounds of Augusta.  The youth of golf are setting the standards that I wonder if Tiger can  contain?

  • 4/7/12
Let me see......Peter Hanson is how young?  Maybe 35????  And, Mickelson is 41???  They are in the final group tomorrow. 
  • 4/7/12

R u kidding me...have you looked at the leader board...who do you see in the top 10 under 30...only 2 out of 10 (louis and hunter both at 29)   I might believe you if..... lets say Gary Woodland (who had to withdraw from a wrist injury) or rory mc  +1.....was up at the leaderboard....


your theory just doesn't hold water atleast not in golf...but maybe in basketball, baseball, and football but not golf... did you see norman and watson almost win a major

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  • 4/7/12

plus, Nicholas won the Masters at 46.....and how old is Darren Clarke (2011 Open Champion).....


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