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    • Tiger has a melt down on 16th at Masters
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  • 4/6/12

He needs to get control of his emotions.   No way he wins with a mind set like this.



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  • 4/6/12
does the usatoday have the line on tomorrow's baseball games? please explain to us how a baseball line works.
  • 4/6/12
YOU have 91 grand children???? WOW! someone was busy!!!
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  • 4/6/12
Yeah, how about this grandma of 91 , I think she needs a NAP!!!!
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  • 4/6/12

There was a group not too long ago saying that they wish the old Tiger of throwing clubs etc, would return...well I think we got an answer to that ....matter of fact I welcome it...I don't care if it is at some sacred tournament or not...he was upset to say the least....get over people....I welcome him returning to his old self and could careless what people think he should do or not do.....bottom line folks..he is not the first to kick a club, throw a club, etc.,  quit trying to put him up on some perfect role model pedestal...he needs to be himself on the course and when we see more of this we will also see more wins..it is what makes Tiger ..Tiger.

  • 4/6/12
i have to disagree with yall.

no one should throw or kick a club on a

golf course.

it could also be dangerous among other things.

and when Tiger learned to dominate, he had

put all of that type of behavior away.

i mentioned it to a friend of mine and it seems that

behavior began to return under the tutelage of

Hank Haney.

at any rate, Tiger played his best and dominated

when he worked really hard to gain control of

his emotions and not let them get the best of him

on the course in the middle of a tourney.

i love the fist pumps, etc. 

but the angry frustrated actions of any golfers

i think are out of place.