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    • john feinstein is at it again
  • 4/2/12

Isn't one Dr. Phil in the world quite enough?   What makes sports writers and commentators think they can psycholanalyze anyone?   Dribble, in my opinion.  lol


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  • 4/2/12
  • kuki
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  • 4/2/12
all that matters is that Tiger win this week.  And Feinstein no matter what happens will be sent to the back of the room by tiger, as always. 
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  • 4/2/12




Thanks golfingoverpar for posting this article.  

Clearly, Feinstein was paid by the word.  John does not offer any new information on Tiger but merely repeats his history.    

Kudos to Tiger for not allowing himself to be interviewed by John.      

There is only a single sentence worth remembering in the article: 

                         " Tiger Woods stills plays by his own set of rules."

  And, my response to the above quote is simply "Way to Go Tiger because you cannot please everyone but you have to live within yourself and for your mother and children."





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  • 4/2/12

It just amazes me how these self proclaimed know-it-alls always compare Tiger by referencing the Tiger of old with the Tiger of today.  Doesn't any of these ID10T's realize that the Tiger of old, albeit the greatest golfer ever also had some personal issues goin on that we were not aware (nor should care) of at the time but all those things were part of his make-up.

When the news broke all these opinionated people offered him up as the evil one with no heart.

Now that Tiger is evolving and trying to grow into a more personable personality they evaluate him against his past performances and insist that he will never be the same.

What a bunch of hypocrites.  Don't they realize when they wish that the old Tiger could return that the baggage was part of that.  Oh... I get it!  These ID10T's all have a stake in making money off of him.  Duh! How dufus of me!

Leave him alone to evolve his way.  I am sure that he wants to do what's best for his children, his mother, himself, to honor his father, Earl , the sport of golf and his fans et al.  Everyone at some point in their lives go astray.  This is how the life compass recalibrates itself.  You will eventually right the situation and in turn be better for it.

I for one love Tiger and his game...regardless.  I am not one to judge.

Sermon is over!

  • 4/2/12
Great post, I agree 100%.  Feinstein constantly regurgitates the old bad news, which is none of his or anyone's business.  He will never get THE INTERVIEW he so obviously longs for!!  He seems to think that by constantly trying to provoke Tiger with his delusional psychobabble he will.  He needs to get over himself and his  inflated sense of self-importance. 
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