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  • 2/22/12
they need to get a life.  Why is it that women are made to feel they have to be ashamed or scorned if they root for Tiger?  He only hurt Elin, not me, not you, not those women on ESPN.  Move on ladies!!!  My husband cheated on me.  I survived.  And so is Elin and the children. 
  • 2/22/12
We need to let them know that!! Most of us here also happen to be women!!!
  • 2/22/12


Interesting conversation...

I think as a woman I can say I was initially disappointed, however I have never looked for Tiger to be my moral authority!

I love what he has accomplished in Golf. That will never be tainted!!!!

Tiger on a personal level, I believe is complicated, human, and vulnerable in a lot of ways. We will never know what happened.

In his marriage and relationships (and we shouldn't) Nonetheless I have moved on from that aspect and now root for him everytime he walks onto the green!



  • 2/22/12


You go girl! They do need to move on already... It's actually tiring! LOL

I love Tiger... matter of fact I wish I stayed in Florida.. I would try to get a date. Most of these women are just trying to stick to some type of code!!! Girl we will hate him for you thing!! LOL

  • 2/22/12

ABSOLUTELY missy......who the h*ll do these women think they are?  I would like to say and remind people that there were ONLY 4 woman that came forward and the one that Gloria Alred represented dumped her.  I don't know if anyone saw it but the week after that, this crying, red-wigged woman was shooting a VERY VERY provocative commercial - quite nasty as a matter of fact.  She didn't look too upset then! 

But again, ESPN should be called on this for putting these commentators out there without knowing for sure the facts, stating numbers that they have no idea of.  BTW, I have read articles in GolfWorld magazine where ex-pros turned commentators actually were interviewed about this philandering on the tour.  Several of them stated outright, they knew who was doing it while they were playing and it was most of the pros, that they had a woman in every city the tour stopped at and with the exception of Jack Nicklaus, there weren't many that didn't involve themselves in that behavior.  One went so far to say that the tour of old from Arnie to Faldo......Tiger would look like a sugarcube compared to their shenanigans. 

It almost embarasses me as a woman that these 3 would even have this discussion.  I think they ought to worry more about getting their birth control pills than waste their breath on this cr*p! 

I truly believe, as soon as Tiger wins again, much of this will gradually fall off, not all and it will never be forgotten but he needs a WIN!!!

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  • 2/23/12

lol !!

they are talking about some commentary about Tiger

which was discussed amongst three women athletes, etc.


  • 2/23/12

Pathetic and hypocritical. Look at the one in blue. Her name is Prim but the way she

is sitting surely is not PROPER. These women are using Tiger's name to draw attention

to themselves. Nobody knows what really happened. This is all about speculations and

money-hungry people trying to cash in. I love Tiger, I admire Tiger and I adore Tiger.

Haters are losers! GO TIGER!

  • 2/23/12

MR. Bill ...I Was referring those women on ESPN show ,the said that women no longer cheering for Tiger, and most of us here are women!! I know your a guy! AND nobody is perfect not just guys!!!

 WE should lets ESPN and those women know ,that they're DEAD WRONG!! They also need to get off  TIGER"S back!!!

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  • 2/23/12
What makes me mad is that while Tiger did something very wrong, what about all those women that certainly knew he was married? Why were these women praised and cared for during a scandal that they had just as much a part in? What a bunch of poor defenseless girls, systematically ruining a marriage while they were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sleep with a star. Awwwww
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  • 2/23/12
  • 2/23/12
That is no reason to justify the behavior... by either party.
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  • 2/23/12
Guess you didn't pick up on the sarcasm? 
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  • 2/23/12
Most women don't care about Tiger's infidelities. I see and hear more men complaining about the infidelities than women.

The part that bothered me about this whole thing is that Tiger fell on the sword and took the blame for everything. I know women who are married to professional athletes and I know women who seek out athletes and wealthy men. They know what they are getting into when they get involved with these guys. The guys don't go out of their way to hide their actions at least not from their wives and girlfriends. A few of them don't bother to try hiding it from the media.  They are pretty open with their indiscretions and Tiger was no different.  I heard these stories about Tiger years ago. So why was Tiger the only one being held accountable for his choices?

Tiger's mistake was selling an image that was a lie but, he is not the first one who sold himself as something he's not and he won't be the last. The only real victims in these situations are the children.