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  • 4/29/12
  • 4/29/12

"In winning the 2000 British Open, Woods became the youngest to complete the career Grand Slam of professional major championships and only the fifth ever to do so, following Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger also was the youngest Masters champion ever, at the age of 21 years, three months and 14 days, and was the first major championship winner of African or Asian heritage.

Woods holds or shares the record for the low score in relation to par in each of the four major championships. His records are 270 (18-under par) in the 1997 Masters, 269 (19-under par) in the 2000 Open Championship, and he shares the record of 270 (18-under par) with Bob May in the 2000 PGA Championship, which Tiger won by one stroke in a three-hole playoff. He held the U.S. Open records of 272 and 12-under par (set in 2000) until 2011.

The U.S. Open and Masters victories came by record margins, 15 strokes and 12 strokes, respectively, and the U.S. Open triumph swept aside the 13-stroke major championship standard which had stood for 138 years, established by Old Tom Morris in the 1862 British Open. The record margin for the U.S. Open had been 11 strokes by Willie Smith in 1899. In The Masters, Woods broke the record margin of nine strokes set by Nicklaus in 1965. Tiger won the Open Championship by eight strokes, the largest margin since J. H. Taylor in 1913.

He is the career victories leader among active players on the PGA Tour and is the career money list leader. He is third in PGA Tour career victories, trailing only Sam Snead (82) and Jack Nicklaus (73).

Tiger increased his record total on the PGA Tour career money list to $94,817,542 through 2011, and had won $115,618,045 worldwide.

In addition to his playing exploits, Woods is busy off the course, too.

Woods launched his only official website in 1997, making him one of the first professional athletes to have his own personal site. It has been online since, providing fans with a home on the web for all things Tiger including: his personal blog, live scoring, video highlights and breaking news and announcements. TigerWoods.com is the medium for Tiger to communicate with his fans around the globe."

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  • 4/29/12

@"The thread is named Tiger Vs Faldo and You don't mention Faldo! "

In your stalking of Bill in this thread alone, how many times have you NOT mentioned Faldo ??

Just asking

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EYE need some clarification . . .

#1.  Faldo ?

#2.   What ?

#3.  Does TIGER WOODS have > (14) majors and (72) PGA WINS

 ( 623 ) WEEKS @ Number One and  Most career earnings in PGA Tour history??


72 MAJORS and 14 PGA WINS; 623 MONTHS @ Number One, and

Most career earnings of any player in the PGA and European Tour?










  • 4/30/12
I'll have to research that. LOL
What I posted, came from this web-site though.
And yes I posted it on the wrong thread, the first response I
got was not called for, at all.
Nor do I post it 5 times a day, as I was told.


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  • 5/1/12
none from me!!  don't follow b'ball at all!!! 
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  • 5/1/12
Hey Bill

Not easy to compare the BEST (Tiger) with the REST(anybody)


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  • 5/1/12
So true

  • To: All
  • 5/2/12
 The opinion of a dude who has won 6 majors carries more weight than all our opinions added together :)
  • 5/2/12


Yea...he has a professional insight to winning and being a great golfer...my only beat with Faldo is his over jealous tone...you don't hear that from Jack or Arnie do you....I guess that comes from being near the top vs. being toward the middle.


  • 5/2/12
True, but you don't hear Jack or Arnie 4 days a week. Jack and Arnie are retired golfers Nick Faldo is a paid announcer. It is his job to opine. Life would be terribly dull if everyone held the same opinion.
Tiger is a very high profile with a sexx scandal in his past. He is bound to attract criticism. I don't know why people are so shocked?
I'd hardly call 12th ( all time) and 6th ( modern era ) major winner in the " middle?"
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