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  • 4/22/12
Guess we know where Frank Nobilo stands;

I had the week off so I didn't see it.If it is as you said he will get a hefty fine. Are you implying he does it every week?

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  • 4/22/12

OK, I can hear the conversation somewhere next week. "Mom, why wont you buy me another putter? The guy on TV broke his and someone replaced it the next day". "Son, when you make it on the tour, then you too can break clubs. Until then, you will pay for your broken club".  One week after that, someone will report that Tiger cost a young child his allowance for breaking a putter, because the reporter will have no idea who Scott Piercy is, only remember something about Tiger and a club.

Unfortunately, it is what it is.

  • 4/23/12


some of these

folks live to make

everything wrong with

golf, Tiger's fault.


  • 4/23/12
And we're back to the old double standard!!!!!!!  I don't ever remember Tiger actually breaking his putter over his leg when he hit a bad shot --  if he had he'd probably have been arrested by the "golf police"