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  • 3/29/12
Speaking of Hank.......Can we hope he needs flea powder ?

  • 3/30/12
  • kuki
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  • 3/30/12

Just finished the book and wanted to give my quick opinion. I will say i was wrong to judge Hank before i even read the book, i thought all 250 plus pages were going to be like the exerpts and that was not true. As a Tiger fan i loved the inside scoop of what was going on, and i think Hank does a good job showing just how tough of a life tiger lives. I think alot of the bad press came because Haney made it back press. The popsicle story i still do not get, and the injury one was not show in content with the rest of the chapter. I understand why Tiger would be mad about the book because it does go into personal experiences, and at some points point at Tigers flaws. (We all know he has them, but i think something the book does it show that these flaws are not so much him being an A hole but by the way he has always lived his life and that he was under such a spotlight from such a young age.) I really suggest any Tiger fan to read this and interpret it your own way.

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  • 3/30/12
You'd think if you hated that he wrote it, you'd not talk about it at all.  Any reaction is good reaction for the guy who wrote it.
  • 3/30/12

Does hank explain how Sean Foley was able to do in a year and a half, what hank could not do in six years?


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  • 3/30/12
I won't buy the book because I am not particularly interested in what Hank has to say about Tiger..... however, I'm sure it will sell a lot of copies particularly now that Tiger has won again -- I believe that win might actually drive up the sales -- my personal opinion still is that there was no reason for Hank to "write" this book except to profit off of Tiger once again.  The only coach I am interested in hearing from is Sean Foley and the only caddy I am interested in hearing from is Joe LaCavva - just my personal opinion... I know there are many people who believe otherwise and I respect their opinions also.
  • 3/30/12

That's a very good question!!!

I wonder what he really thinks about that! LOL

I think Sean Foley is on to something... Plus doesn't he have 2 or 3 other students as well?