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  • 1/18/12


  • 1/22/12

Beat, that was me posting the article on what pants Tiger would wear and quoting the Nike people. So you do read my Tiger posts after all.

And, Eye, I raised the issue of the white belt a long time ago. So we agree on one thing at least. Tiger even used to make fun of players (such as Anthony Kim) for wearing white belts. I don't know what happened. Maybe he lost a valuable advisor in the clothings department. It is only OK if worn with light-colored pants.

I am all for comfortable shoes, but he needs to adjust the pants accordingly. You cannot wear dressy balloon pants with sneakers. He needs more of a slim and sporty fit. I learned (from Osubass) that he has an issue with tight-fitting clothes when playing, but it may just be a matter of getting used to them. He definitely has the body.

The most important thing, of course, is winning as DK rightly points out. But please keep his kids in mind. Kids are overly sensitive to what parents wear and want them to look cool. 


  • 1/22/12
Tiger made a conscience decision to change his look. He asked to be more teched out. I understand his rationale for wanting clothes that are more comfortable and more compatible with the climate and his movement but, as far as pulling the look together he and the Nike are doing too much. Everything looks like an experiment. He used to wear his clothes bigger but, now that he's bulked up I can see why he ops for a closer fit.
 The shoes are not attractive, period. I think they need to go back the lab on the shoes. As I stated before they could use the old shoe as the prototype and make adjustments with the spikes and inner padding. It's not rocket science.

There is too much going on with Tiger's new look. I didn't have a problem with the Easter egg shirts in the past. I still don't. The white belt just throws off the look. Coupled with the shoes, something about it says, "would you like fries with your burger?"
  • 1/22/12




You have me laughing again, girl . . .

I am "less than thrilled" with the (Easter-egg) shirts that Tiger has worn lately.  The little horizontal pin-stripes are beginning to drive me nuts !

I hope Tiger cruises onto the Tee (at The Masters) wearing that beautiful cream-colored ensemble he wore in 2011.  He looked (really) sharp (and very handsome)  wearing that well-tailored number.

Tiger's buddy, tennis star (Rodger Federer) has great style, and wore a similiar cream-colored matching ensemble at Wimbledon a couple of years ago (man-oh-man; he looked good) . . . LOL.

By the way, who is in-charge of security around here; (while Donnakay is out entertaining the grandkids)?

I'm just asking . . .








  • 1/22/12
When DonnaKay is not patrolling it's a troll free for all however I suspect it's the same troll who is using multiple accounts. I guess this way he won't have to go through the trouble of creating a new one when they ban one of his other accounts.

This style he wore in the beginning is more complimentary than what he's doing now.

I just threw the GQ pics in for old time sakes.
  • 1/22/12




I have a folder full of great Tiger shots as well.

Great style !


Thanks for the GQ (bonus) photo.









  • 1/23/12
Thanks for the great pictures. EYE makes a great suggestion concerning the return of the cream outfit. I,too thought he looked super in it.
  • 1/23/12
Tiger Woods Tiger Woods makes an approach shot on the 12th hole during the third round of the Frys.com Open at the CordeValle Golf Club on October 8, 2011 in San Martin, California.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods makes an approach shot on the 12th hole during the third round of the Frys.com Open at the CordeValle Golf Club on October 8, 2011 in San Martin, California.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods aims for a putt on the third hole during the third round of the Frys.com Open at the CordeValle Golf Club on October 8, 2011 in San Martin, California.

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  • 1/23/12
Thanks for reminding me just how great he looks. Remember when he wore that cream last year at a Major--I can't recall which one?? Now that was yummy, too. Whoever handles Tiger's wardrobe on the tour sure does a great job of keeping it looking sharp and clean. I really think Tiger does his own chores in that regard. I did hear once that he will press his clothes for each round before he will put them on. Thanks again for pictures.
  • 1/23/12
I agree he's always dressed nice, even during his amateur days.
Lately, I guess he wanted to change it up a bit. He sure switched it up.
  • 1/23/12

I know the one. It is my all-time favorite. Third round 66 at the 2010 US Open.

Tiger Woods


  • 1/23/12
Who knows---maybe he help selecting the wardrobe. Of course, I suppose Nike had the final say. After all, they were providing the items. lol
  • 1/23/12
Thank you for posting the picture. You got the one I was talking about. When he played so well that round, we kind of thought the worst was over, but it wasn't. He had all that rehab and practice to go through. And he did it, like we knew he was capable of. Now look where we are---He has a W and has begun the quest for next Major and other PGA wins.
  • 1/23/12

Tiger dictates the style and design of his apparel.

Published: Friday, November 05, 2010 | 03:22:00 PM

Tiger Woods has been sporting a new look on the course — white belts, mesh caps, ultra-bright shirts — nothing too radical or in your face, surely, but different. At the HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai this week, he again wore the white belt — a big change for him, according to his apparel handlers at Nike — as well as electric green and pink golf shirts. He was also working on a few day's growth of circle whiskers (known in beard parlance as a "Van Dke" or "Hollywoodian"). Executives at Nike Golf said last week in New York that Woods has been expressing a desire to change his look this fall.

"Tech me out," Woods said, according to Nike execs who met with him recently, meaning that he wanted to try more exotic, technical fabrics and performance clothes. For a long time, Woods' signature look has included plenty of mercerized cotton shirts — that is, made from cotton yarn that has been polished during processing to give it a silky sheen. "He was starting to get tired of them," said a Nike executive, who added that Woods in the past has been very slow to change. "He's always had a real safe look that works for him."

The new Tiger will be wearing "brighter, jewelly colors" like sapphire and will add technical touches, like the mesh caps and shirts with no-sew (seamless) button plackets and polished black snaps instead of buttons. Among his pre-scripted looks for the 2011 Masters, for example, is a very bold, green, asymmetric, vertical striped shirt in Nike's high-performance polyester Dri-Fit fabric.

Woods enjoys a reputation as one the best-dressed guys on tour, and remains a pretty traditional guy. But he recognizes it's time to move forward. "He wouldn't change for change's sake," said Doug Reed, director of golf apparel at Nike. "He's just been looking for a slightly new look."

  • 1/23/12
Thanks for the interesting article about how the wardrobe is selected. It is so right that he is one of the best dressed guys out there. He wears the shirts and trousers fine, too. As much objection as there is to the white belt, it was Tiger's idea and he will have to be the one to change it. I hope he remains neat and trim and doesn't let himself get sloppy.
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  • 1/23/12

Hey Tiger Troops,


YEAP . . . thats the one the (long-sleeve) cream sweater, with matching slacks & cap).

Simple elegance; classic, healthy, fit, athletic (masculine) style.   VERY KOOL; It works every time !

In my opinion, Tiger should focus on (solid) matching colors; or soft (vertical) pin-stripes (down the SLEEVE, only).  Leave the little "Easter egg" (horizontal) pin-stripes for the bubble-gum "young guns" (like Ricky Fowler & Rory McIlroy).

Once he does that (Beat18T); the third (3rd) round match will be a breeze.

Big smile,


LOVE YOU TIGER . . . always have . . . always will . . .








  • 1/23/12
Maybe he will unveil a new look this week for 2012.
  • 1/23/12



We'll be watching . . .




  • 1/25/12



Its back to the DRAWING BOARD  . . . LOL  . . .

Tiger spotted wearing the white belt again today; and

the white shoes (just to shake things up) at Club Tiger (LOL).









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  • 1/26/12



OKAY . . . NOW  I'M OUTRAGED (LOL) . . . Tiger is just being mean (LOL) . . .at Abu Dhabi

He is wearing the (neon) green shirt; the crazy white belt; AND  the white polo shoes!!

Where is the logic, Tiger Troops ??

Whats next (the Golf Channel logo)  ??