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  • 8/13/11

Brandel Chamblee won’t have Tiger Woods to kick around anymore

This article was titled - Brandel Chamblee won't have Tiger Woods to kick around anymore.  I think a lot of people are getting tired of Tiger being dogged.

With Tiger Woods missing his first-ever cut in a PGA Championship after hacking his way around Atlanta Athletic Club Thursday and Friday, there was precious little that was positive for No. 30 to take away from his 10-over par after two days of more reps than he could have imagined.

Sure, his most recent non-injury-related layoff will give him all the hours, days, weeks, and months he needs to work with swing coach Sean Foley on that "laundry list" of issues he mentioned after Thursday’s 7-over opening round. On a happier note, he’ll have more time to spend with his kids.

For Tiger fans, Woods’ clueless play and upcoming absence from public view (he won’t be in New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, or back in Atlanta between the end of August and last part of September after failing to make the FedEx Cup playoffs) should afford a welcome respite from Tiger scolds like Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee.

"His short game is atrocious to match a long game that is complete disarray," Chamblee fulminated following Friday’s second round, in which Tiger scuffled to a 3-over 73. "It’s fragile. It’s like a wet grocery bag full of jugs of milk."

Chamblee let loose with what seemed like pent-up fury that might even have caught Tiger's angry ex-caddie, Steve Williams, off guard.

"I think he’s lying to himself," ranted Chamblee, who was not alone in saying Woods appeared delusional about the state of his golf game. "When he was with [former coach] Hank Haney, he said, ‘I used to just dump [my swing] off at the top and cut across it.’ Well, now he dumps it in the water, he dumps it into bunkers, and he snap-hooks it into trees."


Tiger Woods could not bear to look after hitting yet another poor shot during the second round of the PGA Championship (Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)


Chamblee was also not the only pundit to question -- albeit in a more sneering, I-told-you-so kind of way than other critics -- just what the heck kind of "process" Woods was talking about in describing his swing changes. Indeed, he was so outraged, Chamblee could barely finish his own sentence about all that ails Woods.

"He’s talking about all of these changes as if it’s a process," he said. "I have no idea what more evidence he needs, tee to green, to convince him that the stuff he’s working on -- we’re not really talking about the one thing that would make this guy stick around on the weekend; it was four for 16 in saves, he missed the cut by 5 shots."

Perhaps if the Woods who offered a widely scorned February 2010 public apology for his off-course behavior had met the press with the same patience, smiles, and even laughter that he brought to this week’s media gatherings, he could have earned a Mulligan or two from Chamblee. Maybe Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte would not have dreamed of suggesting that the former ace, who played out of 22 bunkers and dunked his golf ball in five water hazards to the tune of five double-bogeys in two days, take to golf’s minor leagues to make his much-needed fixes.

But, as Woods is wont to say, it is what it is. And GC’s Frank Nobilo was hardly telling secrets out of school when he responded to Chamblee’s diatribe with the observation that Woods "hasn’t played well, let’s be honest."

Whether you’re in Chamblee’s anti-Tiger camp or share Nobilo’s gentler concern for the erstwhile No. 1 (does Woods domination on the course and atop the world golf rankings not seem like a lifetime ago?), you may take Woods’ layoff that began Friday as something of a relief from hearing moment-by-moment assessments of his woeful golf game.

Surprisingly, the trunk-slamming Woods did not slam the door on teeing it up sometime during the tour’s fall season, so he could be back as early as September 29 for Justin Timberlake’s Las Vegas tilt. Barring that -- and not counting his pal Notah Begay III’s exhibition at the end of this month -- Foley’s struggling student is not scheduled to make his next professional appearance until November at the Australian Open.

Perhaps by then, Tiger will have figured out what shot he needs to "go to" under Foley’s new "model," as the frustrated golfer told reporters Friday when discussing his inability to hit the ball anywhere near his selected target. Or maybe he will have traded in his laundry list for a shopping list -- for a new swing coach.

Either way, we won’t have Tiger Woods to kick around again for some time.

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  • 8/13/11
Twitter post.
Love to see Brandel Chamblee quit TV & teach so we would no longer have to hear from Chamblee
  • 8/13/11
Chamblee is going to end up getting himself fired from TGC. His act is old. Tiger supporters can't stand to listen to him rant about Tiger and even Tiger haters hate the fact he spends so much time talking about Tiger. TGC will take action.
  • 8/13/11
  • gokat
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I hope not.  Looking forward to watching him eat stewed crow from the kitchens of Club Tiger.  We've fed it to much greater than he.  We have the tastiest recipes here, but we just may run out with the crowd we'll need to prepare for... 
  • 8/13/11

Did you catch any of Morning Drive on Friday.......Eric & Gary were saying the emails were still coming in responding to Chamblee's diatribe after Tiger's 77......they indicated a strong support of Tiger (even from the naysayers) and attacking Chamblee......

mmmmmmm wonder if Chamblee will go absent during the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs.

I didn't care for Rosaforte's suggestion Tiger go to mini tours or Nationwide for rebuilding his confidence....but playing one or two in the fall series would be good.  But then Tiger has a full schedule....he's going to Thailand to start a TWLC there.....meeting with EA Sports.....visitations with the kids.....hiring a caddy.....practice.......practice......practice.   But am hoping he can squeeze some reps in before heading to Australia!!


  • 8/13/11
Thanks Yecarb......great info!!  And cc, I always get the name wrong here but when comcast bought NBC and during the first tourney under new ownership (which included TGC) Bob Costa (I think that is right) dressed Chamblee down during the broadcast over the same old anti Tiger comments from Chamblee.  This was before the Players.  After that I heard that NBC was going to do some reshuffling and Chamblee went to the Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour.  He mellowed for a while after that but this last diatribe proves you can't change a leopards spots.  I agree, Chamblee will be gone at some point......hopefully sooner than later. 
  • 8/13/11

Hopefully at the end of his contract!!  Can't believe they renewed it last year.....but.....we can keep our fingers crossed it won't be this year!!


  • 8/13/11
Rosaforte is just making a suggestion. No PGA Tour player goes to the Nationwide Tour. The cool thing about Rosaforte is that he from time to time goes on rants on why people shouldn't ever doubt Tiger.
  • 8/13/11

It's going to be interesting but Kat makes a good point.......it might be fun watching him jump on the Tiger train and see him for what he really is.  NAH.....He really chaps my hide! 

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  • 8/13/11
Tweets to Brandel
Brandel Chamblee just hating on Tiger...I've never heard of Brandels golf game...just stop hating on the best player ever.
It used to be Johnny Miller but I cannot stand brandel chamblee
Brandel chamblee should play the next couple days, fire 100 and then shine tigers shoes
brandel chamblee criticism of tiger is directed at sean foley. who has brandel chamblee help make a better player?
Brandel Chamblee compared Tiger Woods to Ty Cobb and then it got really uncomfortable on the Golf Channel set.
Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel says Tiger Woods could have been more like Arthur Ashe, but instead is more like Ty Cobb (surly, bitter)
Brandel chamblee on the golf channel is saying some dumb stuff today lol
Brandel Chamblee shut up! You criticize a guy that's won 14 majors! Don't think you've even played in 14 majors.
Brandel Chamblee's hair needs its own twitter account. Perfection!!
is it my imagination or does brandel chamblee really not like tw
Michael Ward
Another true fact: Brandel Chamblee loves to hear himself talk and will often exaggerate.
Brandel Chamblee lets it fly, especially in his unsparing assessment of where Tiger Woods is. No mealy in his mouth
Wow. Is Brandel Chamblee stepping up his game? Comments on Tiger almost Johnny Miller like. Big balls...
THE 20TH HOLE GOLF BLOG: Raise your hand if you think Brandel Chamblee is the worst golf analyst of all time
Why is Brandel Chamblee talking mess about Tiger Woods? www.lonewolfmcquaid.wordpress.com
listening to brandel chamblee and frank nobilo criticize tiger woods and his golf swing is mind numbing
Brandel Chamblee is starting to get on my nerves. I appreciate his opinions but not when they are malicious and negative.
Brandel Chamblee is now at the top of my list of commentators that su---ck! He makes up cr--ap just so he can speak. Shut up already!
ian harris
what is the matter with Brandel Chamblee ?? Now he loves TW's old Haney swing and says he shouldn't have changed
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  • 8/13/11
Yeah cc.....that was rather unusual from Rosy and Nobilo for that matter......hope Chamblee, Feinstein and Micelli aren't rubbing off on them.  I'll tell ya, Micelli is one MEAN guy!  I would love to write an article for Golf Digest and submit it....in my old job did a lot of that for homeland security with research and could put a good article together from a fan's perspective.  Wouldn't that be something!
  • 8/13/11

When I went on Twitter, I was so surprised that so many people have noticed what Brandel is doing towards Tiger.  That's why I posted some of the tweets.  I am just waiting, his mouth I think is going to get his contract cancelled because he thinks that he is all that.  He's going to go on one of his rants and really blow himself up.  He should cool it because I do not think another channel will hire him just to dog Tiger.

Okay, I'll admit, I'm bored because Tiger is not playing. LOL   Taking it out on Brandel!!



  • 8/13/11
"Brandel Chamblee sounds like an idiot on the golf channel. First, your name is brandel and second, yelling about tiger doesn't help"
I loved this one! "First, your name is Brandel" Hahahahaha
  • 8/13/11
actually I am beginning to think that people are starting to feel sorry for him and instead of hating him so much they are going to start rooting for his comeback  It is all a part of the process of letting go of the past.  I still think that he needs to play in the fall series and that Couples will encourage it.  It would really help his confidence. 
  • 8/13/11
I think people are finally starting to realize that what is past is just that. The past. No one wants to hear Chamblee's nonsense.
  • 8/13/11

This is my fav:

Brandel Chamblee shut up! You criticize a guy that's won 14 majors! Don't think you've even played in 14 majors.
Love the tag:  your as clueless as stevie
CC:  I actually like Tim Rosaforte and normally enjoy Frank Nobilo.  Frank was getting annoyed with Brandel and I think Tim too.....They didn't want to stuff his mouth with cotton on the air, but I'm sure as soon as they went to break they were asking him to "calm it down"......
Isn't it strange......Tiger has not won in 2 years (3 yrs since last major)......he's been off the course more than on during the last 2 years.  His OWGR has fallen from #1 to #30 (as of last week).  However......he still drives tournament news!!  Other players.....Els, Harrington, Cink, Glover, etc......miss a cut and off into the sunset they go.  Tiger misses his 7th cut in his 14 year career (his 3rd major cut in 56 starts) and the commentators just can't give him any peace......oh:  7th cut in 260 starts......
  • 8/13/11
Heck vt, if you've noticed they don't even talk about Fig that much.  When Williams was making his rounds pre-game last week, I don't know if anyone noticed but Fig's body langauge said it all!  There is an article out that even the caddies assoc. has distanced themelves.  It was priceless tho' with Figs' body langauge - like uh-huh, you burned your bridges with me so get it over with and I can go back to my practice.  In GolfWorld this week Feinstein wrote an article about Williams making the rounds and of course blamed his past actions on Tiger.  Maybe we'll have a Williams and Chamblee "foot in mouth disease" show........and I wonder if Chamblee is in the comb-over stage.....tee hee! 

Edited 8/13/11   by  PaddyE21
  • 8/13/11

Good show for Feherty!!!  Chamblee vs Williams

After all his next show features Fluff & Bones!!!  Golly wonder why Stevie was asked to join in?????


  • 8/13/11
You probably heard it on Thursday after Tiger was at +7 and Feherty still came to his defense commenting that he thought Tiger would make the cut still on Friday.....Chamblee laughed....couldn't believe how crass that was but Feherty has always been a Tiger fan.  Tee hee......that would be an interesting show if he added Williams but I've got a feeling most are wising up to the damage control Williams is trying.
  • 8/13/11

Feherty is a hoot......as well as a Tiger fan!!  Gotta love him.

Think the little chat Steinberg had with SW plus the cold shoulder he's getting from players and caddies, he's trying to find a few friends out there.  Figgy doesn't have many, no maybe SW thought if he "made nice" he could count on Figgy as a friend!

Still trying to understand why Figgy wouldn't do the pre tournament presser or post round yesterday or today.  Maybe he's giving them the "cold shoulder" as his way of saying "f*** you"....  He surely knows all the attention Tiger gets whether he wins, struggles, or doesn't even play.  And every player is asked at least one question about TW......  Perhaps he's rebelling through his silence!

Perhaps I'll just go to bed on that note!!