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  • 5/9/12

i hope you don't mind,  but i

borrowed your latest cheer

and took it to the pool par - tay !!

the thread is entitled:


  • 5/9/12
Tee off tomorrow

  • 5/9/12
Everybody is excited !!!!


lol !!


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  • 5/30/12



Ref:   The 2012 Memorial Tournament @ Muirfield Village Golf Club     May 31- June 3, 2012 


       This week at the Memorial Tournament Tiger Woods will be back.

        Arnie had a tournament earlier in the year and now its time for Jack.

       No one know how Tiger Woods will play this week.

       Let's watch him play for it will not be meek.

       But, it is important for Tiger Woods to practice patience as he Masters a new golf swing.

       Then, Club Tiger can see what the week in Ohio shall bring.


                           Go  Tiger Go

            Onward to Victory No. 2



  • 5/30/12


and i put it on the party thread.

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  • 6/2/12



                      There once was a fan named Eye.

                       Who came to Club Tiger and said Hi.

                       They made Club Tiger interesting and Fun.

                       So much that no one wanted to leave and Run.


  Note:  This original prose was posted within the thread "Okay Tiger Troops ......." @ no. 18872.67.

  • 6/2/12

i also posted this one on the party thread.

yeah.   lovin'  Eye's excerpts from Tiger's books!!

Awesome !!

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  • 6/4/12



Ref:   The 2012 Memorial Tournament @ Muirfield Village Golf Club   May 31-June 3, 2012


       Tiger Woods played the best at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio last week.

        With 7 birdies on Sunday June 3rd his play was not meek.

        In March 2012, Tiger won in Bay Hill at Arnie's place.

        Two months later he does the same at Jack's using a determined pace.

         Sunday on the 16th hole  @ Muirfield Village Tiger made a legendary golf shot.

         There are so many great shots from Tiger it's impossible to say which is not.

          The 2012 Memorial victory is Tiger's 73rd PGA Tour win.

           Next up Tiger shall give the Olympic Club a spin.

                                             Go  Tiger  Go

                                  The Best @ the 2012 U.S. Open 

                                            June 14-17, 2012



  • 6/8/12


                                " A Salute to Donnakay "


                    I vote for Donnakay.

                   Donnakay is here to stay.

                   If, you don't like it, go away.

                   For in Club Tiger Land, Donnakay is our fearless leader and Okay.

                   Tiger Woods can do it all.

                   With Donnakay in charge, Tiger Woods made the right call.

                                     GO  DONNAKAY  GO

                                    ONWARD TO VICTORY IN 2012 & BEYOND!!


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  • 6/14/12



    Ref:  The 112th  U.S. Open   @  the Olympic Club ( Lake Course )  June 14-17, 2012


          The 1st day of play at the 112th U.S. Open @ the Olympic Club is here.

           Everyone will watch to see how much the golfers truly must fear.

           Club Tiger members will be glued to their electronic devices to watch Tiger play.

           With his experience at majors Tiger Woods will be okay.

           As always Club Tiger members send Tiger their best.

          So go Tiger go as you continue your majors quest.


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  • 6/19/12



Ref:            After the 2012 U.S Open Played on the Lake Course in San Francisco, CA  


                            Tiger Woods did not win in San Francisco.

                             However, Club Tiger it was not a complete fiasco.

                             For, on Friday June 15th Tiger's game looked so great.

                             That we all thought by Sunday evening Tiger would have 15 majors to date.


Remember:  Life can knock us off our feet so it is essential to get back up and move onward to the next goal and challenge.                        

                             Go TIGER Go    

                             Onward to Victory @ Bethesda  &  White Sulphur Springs


  • 6/19/12

i posted your cheer on the party thread!

Tiger Will Play In Six Tournaments...

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  • 6/27/12


Ref:   2012  AT&T National  The Blue Course @ Congressional Country Club  Bethesda, MD   June 28-July 1


                  In Bethesda Maryland Tiger Woods will be on the prowl.

                  And, with temperatures in the high 90's he may need a towel.

                  So, let's go watch Tiger play the Blue Course.

                  Hopefully, his golf swing will not be out of sorts.

                  Will Tiger win come Sunday late?

                   I don't know, we can only speculate.        lol

                                GO  TIGER  GO

                                Good Luck This Week in Maryland.

                                Onward to Victory in 2012 & Beyond!



  • 6/27/12

another great cheer!! 

and i also love the
light heartedness you

include in your cheers


i moved it over to the

party thread.

and also.  tcn

complimented your

cheer for the AT & T

over on the party thread.

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  • 7/1/12


              Welcome to Club Tiger Land,  Mashed Potatoes.

               Hopefully, your comments will be helpful and not destructive like tornadoes.

               So grab a seat and join our fun.

               As we watch Tiger  @ Congressional CC make a great Sunday run.


     Note:  This rhyme was originally posted @ # 19222.11 w/in a thread called "Hello fellow Tiger fans". 


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  • 7/1/12



Ref:  The  AT&T National  @ Congressional Country Club Bethesda, Maryland   June 28- July 1, 2012


                      Everyone listen, the golf world is right on pace.

                      For Tiger Woods is no. 1 in the FedEx race.

                      The weather @ Congressional was brutal this week.

                      Tiger came to Maryland for a trophy to seek. 

                       On tour Tiger has three wins in the 2012 year.

                       Only Dufner and Mahan are near.

                       Tiger is now no. 2 with 74 total wins on the PGA Tour.

                       Only Sam Snead with 82 has more.

                                        Go Tiger Go

                                        Onward to Victory No. 4  @ The Greenbrier Classic 

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  • 7/6/12




Ref:  The Greenbrier Classic @ Greenbrier Resort    White Sulphur Springs, WV      July 5-8, 2012 


                          Tiger Woods missed the Cut.

                           Because he did not make the Putts.

                           Tiger as a professional golfer has 74 wins on the PGA Tour.

                            His missing the Cut is not play by a golfer seen as poor.

                             For -1 was the Cut.

                             And, Tiger had a score of Even as he walked into the scorekeeper's hut.

                            Club Tiger, let's not be sad.

                            But truly we can not be glad. 

                                        Afterwards, Tiger said about missing the Cut "...it happens.."

                                        Go Tiger Go

                                        Onward to the Open Championship in Lancashire, United Kingdom



  • 7/7/12
nice one, Von.

and as he said, it happens.

but i agree with you.

onward to the Open!!


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  • 7/19/12



Ref:  The 141th  Open Championship @  Royal Lytham & St. Annes  Lancashire, England     July 19-22, 2012


               Happy times are here to See.

               For shortly Tiger Woods @ 4:42am EDT is coming to the first Tee.

               Will Tiger Dare?

               At no. 1 to make a birdie Rare!

               The objective at Royal Lytham is to avoid the bunkers and the Rough.

               So Tiger play strategically & Tough.

                              GO TIGER GO

                              Onward to Victory no. 4 in 2012.